Stefan Ramniceanu, recipient of the "Ion Andreescu" prize of the Romanian Academy — the highest recognition in Romania for visual arts by Ramniceanu


Stefan Ramniceanu, Recipient of the "Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards" Prize in Painting by Ramniceanu

On October 1, 2015, Stefan Ramniceanu received the "Constantin Brâncoveanu Award" in Painting during a ceremony held at the Mogosoaia Palace. 

Hailed as the one of the most prestigious awards in Romania, the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards were introduced by the Alexandrion Foundation as a form of recognition for outstanding works in the fields of Romanian history, culture and arts.  It embodies Nawaf Salameh's Alexandrion Group commitment to honoring the values of Romanian culture.  The Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards were presented in 7 categories including music, architecture, plastic arts, history and literature and have were granted under the endorsement of an esteemed jury, comprised of 7 personalities in Romanian science and culture chaired by Acad. Dan Berindei. 

Stefan Ramniceanu distinguished as "Citizen of Honor of the Municipality of Ploiesti" by Ramniceanu

The members of Ploiesti Municipality Council unanimously resolved to confer to Stefan Ramniceanu (b. 1954, Ploiesti) the title of "Citizen of Honor of the Municipality of Ploiesti" (Cetăţean de Onoare al Municipiului Ploieşti) as recognition of his lifetime achievements in the arts, as well as his significant contribution to the Romanian cultural life.

The award ceremony took place during the meeting of the Ploiesti Municipality Council on September 25, 2015.

Stefan Ramniceanu distinguished as "Man of the Year 2014" in Art by leading Romanian Newspaper Cotidianul by Ramniceanu

Cotidianul, one of the leading Romanian national newspapers which awards prizes every year to the top Romanian personalities with a significant positive impact in their field, has awarded Stefan Ramniceanu the Prize of the 2014 "Man of the Year" in Art.

This prestigious prize recognizes the meaning and importance of Ramniceanu's retrospective "Urme" organized by the Brancovan Palaces Cultural Center in collaboration with the General Council of Bucharest and the Artists Union of Romania on the occasion of the 300th commemoration of the death of leading historical figure Constantin Brâncoveanu.

This retrospective brought together over 400 artworks by Ramniceanu from major international collections displayed at the Mogosoaia Palace and at ATELIERAMNICEANU, spanning over 35 years of creation through the wealth and subtlety of his main cycles.

The award celebration took place at the Athénée Palace Hilton in Bucarest, Romania on February 19, 2015.