Stefan Ramniceanu, Recipient of the "Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards" Prize in Painting / by Ramniceanu

On October 1, 2015, Stefan Ramniceanu received the "Constantin Brâncoveanu Award" in Painting during a ceremony held at the Mogosoaia Palace. 

Hailed as the one of the most prestigious awards in Romania, the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards were introduced by the Alexandrion Foundation as a form of recognition for outstanding works in the fields of Romanian history, culture and arts.  It embodies Nawaf Salameh's Alexandrion Group commitment to honoring the values of Romanian culture.  The Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards were presented in 7 categories including music, architecture, plastic arts, history and literature and have were granted under the endorsement of an esteemed jury, comprised of 7 personalities in Romanian science and culture chaired by Acad. Dan Berindei.